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What's New @Mira Jean Designs

Are you on our e-list? If not, simply email me at and I will gladly add you! I don't share the list with anyone and email maybe once a month with news of new designs and work. Below is a recent update on what's new @MiraJeanDesigns: 1) Did you catch the news last month? I launched a new wallcovering option ... grasscloth! Super excited about this new and luxurious wallpaper. I found a wonderful printer in 2020 and am thrilled to offer this new paper option for my hand painted designs.

2) I hired an assistant! Ohmygoodness, this is single handedly the best thing I've done so far in 2021! It's a well-known lesson one can't grow unless one delegates and lets others help. After an encouraging year of design projects in 2020 (and yes, in a pandemic year, no less!), it was time. 3) Installs! Wow! So much hard work has been coming to fruition lately. Thanks to a wonderful network of talented partners, super skilled trades and the amazing talents of pro contractor teams, it is fun to see so many exciting projects and much hard work in 2020 come together in 2021. Follow us on Instagram @MiraJeanInteriors to see more!

4) Custom! When we can't find the right piece out there available via retail, that's when I turn to skilled craftsmen and women I have met over the years as I built my local, artisan business ... and am so grateful to know and work with them! (As evidenced by the detail in these custom work table legs designed by one of my favorite local artists - and delivered last month to a client's beautiful North Arlington home). Such detailed, beautiful craftsmanship. Friends, you cannot find this work readily available online!

5) My own kitchen reno! YES! That's right - my husband and I are getting ready to gut our own home's kitchen. So basically I am staying awake at night now, thinking about pulls not only for my clients' homes ... but mine, too! Such is the glamorous life of a designer. 6) Last but not least, my Berner pup Peter is now 6 months and 70 lbs (!) so daily walks are a *must* to keep this pup even keeled and his daily energy level at bay. My family is enjoying him a TON - and finding a new rhythm with virtual school, more Mira Jean Designs’ projects and prepping for our own kitchen reno.

Be well, my friends! xo, Kate Need help refreshing your home in 2021? Get in touch! I am now booking into this summer. Would love to start talking about your project and see if we might be a good fit! xo, Kate


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