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Design Social Pop up in Charleston, SC

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Before another week goes by, I wanted to share a bit about my recent trip to Charleston, SC to participate in the Design Social Pop up. What is that, you might ask? Think mobile Design Center meets glam architecture, artists and makers ... plus a healthy does of interior design business inspiration, all in one fabulous mash up of a day!

Above: the entrance to the award-winning Dewberry Hotel, site of this summer's Design Social Pop up in Charleston, SC.

Created by the talented Brooks Morrison, the Design Social Pop Up is a highly curated round up of makers in the textile and interior design industry. Its goal? To connect interior designers with the makers — and with an emphasis on markets with thriving interior design communities yet no formal, major design centers.

I first heard about the Design Social Pop up through textile and wallpaper designer Alex Conroy. (Alex’s work is a timeless blend of traditional meets modern botanical … take a look here and you’ll see!). Alex has been a wonderful connection in this unpredictable textile and wallcovering design business. So when she told me about the Pop up, I knew I wanted to participate. I sent a box of Mira Jean samples to the event organizer, Brooks; Brooks and I connected via phone and I was invited to participate.

Above: the talented Alex Conroy amidst her beautiful textile and wallcovering creations!

The event took place at downtown’s Charleston’s Dewberry Hotel. Friends, if you ever have the chance, stay here! I highly recommend. A former Federal Office building turned into award winning glam hotel, the Dewberry’s renovation to hotel transformation took over four years. When you visit, you’ll understand why; the design details are remarkable.

Open to the trade community only, the ballroom doors opened for the Pop up at 9am on event day - and we had a steady stream of designers from then on, until the event’s end at 7pm(!). I met designers who had traveled from as far away as Atlanta and Charlotte, and came home feeling honored to be part of such a wonderful community of talented artists and interior designers.

Below are a few pics of my favorite neighbors and fellow makers at the event. Pro tip for fellow designers: be sure to check out these brands! Each one creates truly exceptional work right here in the US, with handcrafted and artisan details that are absolutely exquisite. I can't wait to find projects to include their work in.

Above: the beautiful lampshades of my Design Social Pop Up neighbor Sorella Glenn

Above: the colorful, whimsical work of textile and interior designer icon and my idol Mally Skok.

Below: the gorgeous, large scale wallcoverings of Voutsa ... one word: Stunning!

And the beautifully colored ceramic lampshades by HWang Bishop out of Rhode Island:

Here is a group photo, as well as a couple more from my time in SC. Thank you, Charleston and the Design Social Pop Up!

Below: One of the many grand homes in Charleston, SC. My husband and I rented bikes the day after the event and explored the town ... these are a couple of my favorites spotted on our ride.

P.s. I found this Ginkgo Leaf as I was setting up on the eve of the event... not sure if it came with me or literally blew in, but seeing it made me smile! xo, -Kate



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