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New Olive Branch Collection; One COVID Year Later

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Hard to believe it was a year ago when everything shut down. My kids *just* went back to school this past week - hybrid, that is; only two days/week! But still, I'm grateful it's something. I feel they need a change of scenery, they need to show up for their teachers who are showing up for them, and we all need to see people in person more! Thank goodness for our healthcare workers and the vaccines that are starting to roll out ... I am optimistic.

I just can't believe it's been a year basically at home and navigating this pandemic and all of its new normals ....

The upside? It was a year ago I started contemplating, and then ultimately created, my new Olive Branch design of textiles and wallpapers.

This collection was born out of time I spent "grounded" and closer to home, only venturing out to walk on the nearby trails and parks - sometimes solo; sometimes with my husband and pup. A time when I took even more notice of nature and its elegant, but simple, details. A time when I turned to the outdoors even more than usual, to help keep my mind clear and emotions calm.

Pictured above: (on the left) Olive Branch wallpaper in White on grey; on the right: Olive Branch in Grey and Pink on Oyster Linen.

I am so grateful to see this new design already installed in beautiful spaces and projects, such as this one by Cindy Eyl of @Jefferson Street Designs:

Photo above and interior designed by Jefferson Street Designs. Wallpaper installed by the amazingly talented Michael DiGuiseppe.

And here is Olive Branch in one of my favorite local shops, The @UrbanFarmhouse! Thanks to the super talented eye of interior designer Marya Karlton of @Karlton Kelly Interiors who helped the new owner refresh the space.

Photo above courtesy of @MiraJeanDesigns: our new Olive Branch wallpaper; recently installed at The Urban Farmhouse

The best part? Olive Branch can be SO easily custom colored! Literally - hot pink, neon orange, a spring green or golden yellow ... this design lends itself to chameleon mode!

Above: Olive Branch in Yellow on wallpaper. Photo courtesy of Shelly Han Photography.

Enjoy! And if you are near one of my showroom partners, stop in to see samples in person! Or simply email me at for more info. If you're a designer, I'd love to send you samples and connect you with my showroom partner near you.

xo, Kate


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