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It's no secret we love wallpaper! It can transform a space and bring just the right amount of pattern, texture and color to a room. Contact us if you want help refreshing a space in your own home - and with wallpaper! We'd love to work with you to find the perfect print for refreshing your home. 

Photos & Credits:

  • Allium Love wallpaper photo courtesy of Mira Jean Designs & by Jenn Verrier.

  • Floral wallpaper photo credit: Space designed by Mira Jean Designs, photo by Struxture Photography.

  • Blue grasscloth in an entryway space designed by Mira Jean Designs.

  • Tunisia Leaves wallpaper in a custom colorway for, and space designed by, KPH Studio. 

  • Swimsuit Party wallpaper in a powder room by Barbara Clayton Design. 

  • Our Great Pyrenees wallpaper, in a space designed via our Tapis & Decor showroom.

  • Pineapple wallpaper in a space designed by Mira Jean Designs. Photo credit: Jenn Verrier Photography.

  • Gorgeous cork wallpaper in one of our clients Primary Bedrooms. 

  • Mira Jean Designs' Ginkgo Love in Pink wallpaper. Photo by Jenn Verrier Photography.

  • Mira Jean Designs' Corgi Love wallpaper. Photo via Jenn Verrier Photography.

  • Mira Jean Designs' Olive Branch in Blue in an interior space by Jefferson Street Designs.

Allium Love Wallpaper Install J Verrier.jpg
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