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New Textile & Wallpaper Design: Olive Branch

This spring was filled with so many uncertainties. The upside? In addition to more time at home and with my family, I had more time to create ... and a need to! (Hence, my 50 mini paintings in 50 days!) and ... this new design: Hello, Olive Branch!

I had always planned on adding new designs to the collection each season; this spring however changed the path of my creative endeavors. As much as I love color and big, bold abstracts blending, I suddenly found myself wanting to create something more simple and quieter. Something elegant, delicate and calm.

So I got back to basics, walked on the trail (my favorite source of inspiration!), took time to notice the leaves, and came back home and painted this (I hope you agree!) simple but elegant, new design. I am calling it Olive Branch because I feel like It embodies a sense of calm and peace which it seems the world could use more of right now. It speaks to how we are all connected, and the calming, restorative qualities time in nature can bring to one's spirits.

In some small way, I hope this design helps bring a sense of peace, calm and connectivity to your interior spaces, with its delicate branches and hand drawn design. Would love to know what you think; email me.

Be well, may your families be healthy and happy, and may 2021 bring more peace and calm to us all.

xoxo, Kate

P.s. true to my design philosophy, I help create spaces that are true to each interior designer's vision and individual homeowner's tastes and styles: this design can be custom colored in any of your favorite colors. Simply send me a paint chip to match to and I'll take care of the rest.


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