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We're at the DC Design House! Celebrating AMERICAN Made.

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Today was a day to remember. I had the honor of speaking on a panel discussion at the DC Design House (yes, THE DC Design House!). Pinch me.

Over the years, it's been tradition that my mother and I tour the DC Design House. When I launched Mira Jean Designs, I never dreamed that I would have the opportunity to speak on a panel discussion there ... AND with two well-established businesses whose work I greatly admire: Thos. Moser and Barry Remley of Salvations Architectural Furnishings.

Thos. Moser furniture is made to last many lifetimes. Salvations Architectural Furnishings' work lasts for decades as well. What do I love most about each of these companies? In addition to creating works of art and mastering their craft, they are operating their businesses with American Made principles in mind. They are leaving a legacy for their families and clients. They are employing local artisans, blacksmiths and carpenters and creating beautiful and timeless works that support our local economy.

Today was an honor. Thank you, Universe,


p.s. If you haven't yet been to this year's DC Design House, go soon! It ends on October 29th. Here are a few pics of my favorite spaces in this grand home: Caryn Cramer's Guest Bedroom ... this space had me at its Hallway! Hello, Gorgeous hand painted walls with its bold and bright colors.

The view from the bedroom, looking into the hallway. Love how the drapery panels frame the hand painted mural, like art in a jewel box.

Another view of the Guest Bedroom hallway ... such a work of art!

The Idealized Family Room by Home on Cameron:

Hello, Yellow! China Seas Wallpaper and Fabric by Quadrille Fabrics.

Congratulations to all DC Design House 2017 Participants! Design House 2017 participants! And to the House Committee. Another year, another beautiful show house and memorable experience.


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