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New Year, New Canvas

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Happy 2019! I always savor this time of year and time to reflect on last year's goals, outcomes, and ways to evolve the Mira Jean line and business in the year ahead.

Did you know we do commissions? We do! For residential and commercial interiors. If you'd like something painted in your favorite colors, just ask! We welcome your requests.

This year, I am trying a slightly different approach: small but consistent steps, towards making a meaningful difference year-round. (And yes - painting (even!) more is still on the list!).

As I look ahead, I am so incredibly grateful for the showrooms and reps that help to share my line with designers and clients, to the clients that invite me into their homes to help them refresh their spaces and add a bit of color and pattern to their interiors, and to the professional interior designers and trade community that are so exceptional at what they do and so wonderful to collaborate with. Thank you! Here's to 2019! xo, -Kate


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