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Local Potter Spotlight: Lindsey Augustine & WareClay

I first met Lindsey a couple years ago at a local event for fellow creatives ... and was immediately taken in by her work! Her WareClay creations are rich in natural textures and colors. Her striped coffee mug is a favorite in my own home.

When I started working with a client earlier this year on a kitchen renovation and their scheme called for a tiled backsplash, I immediately thought of Lindsey. I wanted subway tiles -- but not your typical subway tile. Something organic and natural -- and in a custom size. Lindsey is currently making these for my client and I am soooo excited to see these installed later this summer! They are going to be Gorgeous!!

I asked Lindsey to share more about her work with clay and how she got started, and am thrilled to share more of her story with you here ... enjoy!

MJD: How did you get started in pottery and working with clay? 

WC: I started taking ceramics and photography in high school and I loved it! Working with my hands has always been something I have been drawn to, the dark room and the clay had me hooked. Heading to college I decided to focus on photography and my sophomore year I switched to ceramics. I couldn't stay away!

MJD: I LOVE the natural and organic qualities of your work - and use of pattern! What inspires you? Where do you source your inspiration?

WC: Thank you! I am very inspired by nature and travel, two of my other passions. I collect new textures as I travel as well as use the natural world around me to inspire designs. Working with designers in the area has also been a source of inspiration for me and pushes me to work in a way that I wouldn't have otherwise. I have really enjoyed seeing my progress in those areas.

Above: two of my *favorite* lamps of Lindsey's! Now available at The Urban Farmhouse in Arlington, VA.

MJD: Is there a piece or product line of yours you are especially proud of from the last year or so? Share with us what sets it apart!

WC: I am so in love with my specked and white textured pieces. I have them all over my house! I used some India wood block stamps along with some stamps that I carved and I just love the way they are so natural in coloring but bold in pattern. I especially love the linear pattern of the stamp I hand carved.

Above: some of Lindsey's gorgeous speckled clay creations.

MJD: What new and exciting projects are you currently working on?

WC: Currently I am working on a tile job for you:) which has been so fun! I am also planning to start some pieces for another local designer for her online shop. Candles are currently high on my list as well, I love making them and they add another fun aspect, pouring the wax, to  the process. (Side note: if you follow us on Instagram and are on our e-list, you know we created with Lindsey to design these sweet candle holders in Ginkgo Love blue!).

Above: a peek at new custom tiles created for one of our clients, fresh out of the kiln ... coming soon to their newly renovated kitchen!

MJD: What types of products do you create?

WC: I create handmade ceramics items for the home. I started with dishware and jewelry and I have progressed to other home items such as vases, lamps, tiles and candles.

MJD: How did you get started working with clay?

WC: I started working with clay in high school and continued in college. After college I wasn't sure what I wanted to do and after a couple years I started looking into studios in the area to see if ceramics was still something I was interested in. I found the Thomas Jefferson community center and started going to the open studios there. I was hooked again! from there I haven't stopped!

Where can people find, and purchase, your work?

Instagram in the best place to see my current work and see where I am selling. I currently have work at The Urban Farmhouse store in Arlington. From time to time I will do an Etsy store but it is not my favorite way to sell. I really prefer local markets so I can interact with people!

MJD: What's been a fun, a-ha! moment in the world of pottery and design?

WC: My big AHA moment was when I realized I could have a home studio. Even as small as it is, it has been instrumental in my progress as an artist. Having that non-stop access to my work is so important to me and has made it possible to create on my schedule. 

Above: Lindsey's home studio ... love the Wisteria growing in the background!

MJD: What advice would you give to other potters and entrepreneurs just starting out?

WC: My advice would be to not give up! For me it was always important to have an income coming in to support my passion. I still have a full time job along with WareClay


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