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Hello, Summer! & Announcing our new Swimsuit Collection of Wallcoverings

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Hello, Summer! It's official: Summer is here and we are ready to celebrate with our new Swimsuit Collection of wallpapers! Check it out:

Creating these designs was a sweet collaboration with my daughter, Mira.

I had the idea when I was visiting the coastal town of Seaside, Florida, and browsing all of the fun art and home accessories in one of my favorite stores, The Art of Simple. (Below is a pic of some of their fabulous gifts & artisan home decor ... LOVE all these pops of color!).

I had swimsuits on my mind and all I could picture was color and pattern ... on wallpaper! I asked my daughter Mira if she would do the pen and ink illustrations. She agreed, and together we collaborated on the kinds of swimsuits we should feature and the little details in each drawing. Once Mira had sketched out all the black pen and ink swimsuit outlines, I began adding colors and patterns with watercolor paints, and started designing the repeat patterns for an entire wallpaper roll.

Fun fact: we also designed these new wallpapers to go with our existing collection of Coastal textiles (simply do a search for the color "Blue" on our website, and you'll find most of them!), so you can easily mix and match for any coastal home or beach-inspired interior space.

Pictured above: our new Daisy wallpaper design, paired with our "It's a Maize" textiles by the yard in a complimentary colorway.

Sooo fun for a beach house foyer, powder room or mud room! Or even girl's and boy's rooms!! (Now I need to design boys' swim trunks to go with these bathing beauties!).

Pictured above: some of our new hand painted Swimsuit wallpaper designs ... the one in the middle is called "Boardwalk Betsy" ... follow our stories and posts on Instagram to help us name the others!

These designs are so new we don't even have them on our website shop pages yet -- but if you're an interior designer just contact one of our showroom partners and we can gladly get you samples asap! Enjoy!!

p.s. Follow us on Instagram and help us name each design!! So far, only a few are named ... we welcome your help in naming the others! Last but not least, a big shout out and hug to my daughter Mira who helped make this collection possible. Love you, sweetheart. xoxo

Keeping it real: My daughter, Mira, and me at the beach, June 2019.


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