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Hello, FOX TV! Shop Local for Holiday Gifts

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Have you ever been on live TV? Until this past Friday, me neither!

I received word a few days ago that there was an opportunity to be one of several local entrepreneurs and artisans featured on our local FOX 5 News station ... and would I participate? (The answer: yes, of course!).

About 48 hours later, I was headed to downtown DC and gearing up to share Mira Jean Designs textiles and holiday gift ideas* (more on this, below!) with viewers, including our tea towels, available in any of our artisan textile designs.

It's a family affair! The Hougen crew on the set of FOX 5 News

A peek at some of our watercolored fabric designs, now available in tea towels for the holiday season.

My family joined me for the fun; we reported to the studio ahead of schedule and were directed to "The Green Room." There, we had the chance to meet fellow artisans and entrepreneurs who were all part of the Shop Local / Shop Made in Arlington segment.

Such a fun event! And what a wonderful group of fellow creatives and entrepreneurs in the room. Participants included Julie Jernigan of Jules' Jewels (fun fact: Julie and I first met almost 20 years ago; she was the cantor at our wedding! The Universe works in mysterious ways); Stas and Salim, creators and co-founders of Can You Solve Me Puzzles and Lori Stultz of Dennison Lane. We are all part of Arlington's new Made in Arlington pop up near Courthouse. (Local friends, check it out when you're doing your holiday shopping this season!).

The big surprise? About 10 minutes before we met newscast anchors Tony Perkins and Shawn Yancy (also an artist in her own right), we received word that the segment was going to be recorded "live." Suddenly our convivial room got very quiet! Lol.

The highlight for my son? In addition to experiencing being "on set" during a live telecast, he had the opportunity to hang with the Can You Solve Me puzzle creators Stas and Salim. If you don't know these guys and their puzzles, know this: their products are a must buy!! I first met them about a year ago, at Arlington's premier Made in Arlington pop up. I was immediately hooked on their puzzles.

My son (far right) on Cloud 9 with Chief Strategist Salim Khene (far left) and Founder Stas Casa (middle) of Can You Solve Me Puzzles.

Can You Solve Me puzzles are available for all skill levels (beginner | intermediate | advanced). Last year, we bought a few (a bargain at only $5 ea ... the perfect stocking stuffer!) and all generations spent time around the family table trying to solve them. So... much... fun! (and no, they did not pay me to write this!!). Love these puzzles.

Fun on the set (this was *before* they told us we were going LIVE! gulp!)

Not only that, but Stas and Salim are true gentleman. Unbeknownst to me until later in the evening, they gave my son a few puzzles when I wasn't looking - AND they could not have been kinder and more generous after the segment, staying late to help everyone schlep out display tables and more. These guys are the best.

So as I gear up of for the holidays, what am I thankful for? Family, friends, home; the creativity and and generosity of people like Stas and Salim, and the opportunity to support fellow artisans and entrepreneurs as I look towards my holiday shopping list. Thank you, Arlington and FOX TV for the opportunity,

xo, Kate

p.s. Our Mira Jean holiday gifts include tea towels, available in any Mira Jean textile design. Simply order online or select your favorites and email us today to place your order! If we have it before Thanksgiving we can guarantee delivery before Christmas.

We are also offering Lavender sachets, stuffed with a long-lasting, high grade French blue lavender and hand sewn by yours truly. These aren't even online ... we are too busy!! But, they are at the new Made in Arlington Shop near Courthouse. Or, you can email us at to place your order. ($8 ea or $2 for $15 + shipping ... while supplies last! Limited quantities).  Happy Holidays & Shop Locally!

Our Lavender Sachets in various designs, including Corgis from our new Pup Collection, created in collaboration with local artist & illustrator Emily Dere


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