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Girl's Room Refresh & Designer Spotlight: Jefferson Street Designs

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Happy Back to School Season! Now that summer is over, it's the perfect time to think about how to make one's bedroom a sweet and cozy sanctuary as we head into the cooler months.

Recently, we had the opportunity to connect with interior designer Cindy Eyl of Jefferson Street Designs. We met Cindy through our showroom Evans & Sheldon; earlier this year Cindy purchased our Kiss Me Jade fabric for a girl's bedroom refresh she did. We were thrilled to be in her project ... which when you see, you'll understand why! Check it out:

Fun fact: Turns out, Cindy lives only a mile or so away from me in Arlington and we love the same local boutiques ... such a small, small world! I hope you enjoy learning more about her work as much as I did.

xo, Kate

Q: How did you get started in interior design?

A: Like so many others, I have always loved decorating my own spaces. I’d walk into a house and try to envision how things would function better if we moved walls and how I could make them look better with some paint and new furniture. After I completed a couple of big renovations of my own houses, I knew this was what I wanted to do.

Q: Where does the company name Jefferson St come from? A: I currently live on Jefferson Street! It was my neighbors who really encouraged me to quit teaching (I taught high school history for 15 years) and to do this full-time. Two of them were my earliest clients!

Q: How did the design concept for the girl’s bedroom come about? A: The little girl's mom is a friend of mine and she has great taste! She loved the Hygge and West wallpaper from the beginning. I took the wallpaper to Kate Lluberes at Evans and Sheldon, and she immediately pulled your Kiss Me Jade fabric. It PERFECTLY complimented the wallpaper, but I also wanted to add a contrasting color to make the fabric stand out. We went for different shades of my favorite color and I love how it turned out. Even our little client, who didn't want pink, said the room is pretty cool.

Above: here's the scheme that first inspired Cindy Ely's project ... LOVE that trim!! Below: a close up of contrasting trim on a pillow ... it's all in the details!

Q: What is a piece of design advice you’d share with clients? A: My clients all joke that I don’t like things to be too matchy matchy. Throw in an unexpected color or finish or something from a completely different style to keep things interesting. I also feel like every room needs something vintage or antique! Q: What’s the best way for people to contact you to discuss a potential project? You can DM me through Instagram or email me at

Here is another beautiful space decorated by Cindy ... such a tasteful mix of vintage, nature, furnishings and art.

Q: You’re based in Arlington, Virginia ... what’s your favorite local shop or boutique? How about favorite coffee spot or happy hour venue? I live down the street from The Urban Farmhouse and Covet. You can find vintage and other unique items for your home at Urban Farmhouse, and I love how Covet showcases local artists and designers. For both happy hour and coffee, my go to is Northside Social.

Q: Where do you go to find design inspiration? A: Travel! Over this past year, we have traveled to Vietnam, Turkey and Israel. I am so inspired by other cultures and their history.

Photos courtesy of Jefferson Street Designs and Mira Jean Designs.


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