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Designer Spotlight: Laura Fox, Principal, Laura Fox Interiors ... and Pug Wallpaper!

At Mira Jean Designs, we love collaborating with fellow creatives and designers and celebrating their work, and today are thrilled to highlight the work of talented Interior Designer Laura Fox. Last year, we had just completed designing our Pup Collection of wallpaper and fabrics when we came across a pic on Instagram of Laura's beloved Pug ... and knew we had to meet!

Laura Fox, Owner and Principal of Laura Fox Interior Design, with her beloved Pug Sir Wilbur Scott. (Photo courtesy of Deborah Fox Photography and Laura Fox Interiors, LLC.)

Such a treat! Laura and her team could not be a friendlier, more welcoming group ... and talk about interior design talent!! Laura was recently named one of HOME & Design Magazine's five up and coming young design professionals, and the previous year, one of DC's "Hot Talent" pros to watch. A look at her portfolio and it's no surprise.

We recently caught up with Laura and asked her about her work, favorite projects ... and (of course!) her beloved Pug, Sir Wilbur Scott. Here is what she had to say:

How did you find Sir Wilbur Scott? 

I wanted a black pug named Wilbur for at least 10 years before I finally made the decision to get him. After doing a ton of research on local breeders, I found one and was getting first pick of the litter. Wilbur came right to me and covered me with kisses. I was in love, game over – he was certainly the one. 

I thought it would be nice to give him a more formal name and thus he became Sir Wilbur Scott the Beast, though he goes by Wilbur, Wil, Wilby, Sir….  I later got his birth documents and his parents were named Master Edward James Cookie Monster and Princess Justine Leigh Pia ... so it seemed very fitting to have named Wilbur with a Sir!

Pictured above: Laura Fox's Pug, Sir Wilbur Scott. That face! So regal and adorable.

How would you best describe your firm and interior design style? 

Our goal with clients is to create a memorable design experience by offering the highest level of client services paired with the transformation or creation of a beautiful space that is reflective of the client and livable in functionality. Stylistically, I am not sure I stick to any one genre – we currently are working projects that range in style from French Country to English Tudor, to Modern FarmhouseIt is entirely about the client and how they live, but I will say that we always strive for a comfortable and livable space.

What is a recent favorite interior design project of yours? Of course I love them all…..we have the pleasure of working with so many types of styles and clients, there is certainly no shortage of interesting things. But I have to say, I was super happy with how our #Coastalchic project turned out! Being from the beach myself it felt almost like a bringing a piece of home and infusing it into this DC home. This was a kitchen renovation paired with a dining room refresh. We gutted the kitchen and started fresh with a super light and bright backdrop and gave the client a beautiful quartzite countertop paired with porcelain floors which will both last the test of time as they are incredibly durable products. In the dining room, we worked with rendering artist Jane Gianarelli to give the client a visual. And I have to say, the end product was spot on and the client was thrilled. We had a lot of fun with that project and client.

Pictured above: a vignette from one of Laura's favorite interior design projects - and ours, too!: Project Coastal Chic. (Photo courtesy of Laura Fox Interior Design and Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography).

Fun Fact: in 2018, Laura's team moved into a new office space in Kensington, Maryland. We were honored she chose our Pug Wallpaper to help refresh the office powder room's walls. So fun!! Check it out:

Pugs, Everywhere! Our Pug wallpaper installed at Laura Fox Interiors' office powder room.

All Photos courtesy of Laura Fox Interior Design.


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