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Designer Spotlight: Brenda Friday

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

With everything going on in the world right now, it seemed a good time to pause and celebrate the work of others. Last year, I had the pleasure of working with Brenda Friday Design. She purchased some of our Pug wallpaper for a powder room in Pennsylvania. When we checked out her portfolio, we were blown away by her work and what catches her eye in the world of design. Read on for a fun treat of an interview with Brenda ... and be well, my friends! Enjoy, xo, Kate

MJD: How did you get started in interior design? BF: My husband and I moved to 5 different homes throughout Pittsburgh and my community of Sewickley, which is a little town 20 minutes from the city. Each home was a chance for me to experiment with a different layout and architectural style. I built 5 very different kitchens because each home was different and required a style that worked not only for our family but that would also nod to the period of the home. Both real estate agents and friends encouraged me to expand my work and offer my design services to others. My business grew to a full time business that keeps me busy and extremely fulfilled.

MJD: I LOVE your use of art and the unusual. What inspires you? Art is definitely the soul of the room. And beautiful and unusual objects can inject the same feeling or energy. I love making vignettes with a mix of beautiful books set next to art and possibly a lovely object. Items that make you smile and inject the happy into the room.

Above: a Dining Room, and Below: a Living Room, both designed by Brenda. LOVE the large black and white photo on the wall ... talk about using art to make you smile and evoke emotion in a space! Below: Love the subtle introduction of color via drapery panels, in the otherwise largely black and white living room space.

MJD: How do you find new sources for art, textiles and wallpaper? BF: Travel, trips to New York and of course ... the rabbit hole of Instagram! We truly are so lucky to have the world at our fingertips with the ability to connect with artists and designers across the globe.

MJD: How about lighting? (The light fixtures and chandeliers in your portfolio are stunning!). BF: They are the icing on the cake. And I try very hard to make sure they are an accent that works with the home yet provides their own special spark to the overall design. And Pittsburgh being a small town of sorts I try to not use the same fixture in another design. I want it to be unique to each client.

Above: Talk about unique lighting ... stunning island pendants in a kitchen designed by Brenda Friday Design.

MJD: Tell us about the Pug powder room ... what was the inspiration for the space? BF: My clients had two pugs. I knew when I saw your creative and beautiful paper that it was a must have for their home.

Above: the Pug wallpaper that Brenda Friday used in her clients' powder room ... sourced via our Instagram page!

MJD: What's been a fun surprise for you in the world of interior design? / Favorite find? BF: I am blown away by the amount of beautiful creativity in the world and I love the indie designers and the smaller shops. Whether it be wallpaper, textiles or furniture design, there are so many artisans are out there to discover!

Above: a fun entryway by Brenda Friday, pairing classic black and white marble tile with colorful pinks and a one of a kind pillow.

MJD: What advice would you share with a homeowner who is interested in transforming a space in their home? BF: Take away items! Simply removing one or two items from a room aids in making it feel lighter and brighter. And always add fresh flowers and books.

MJD: What advice would you share with fellow designers? BF: Let's all support each other. There is so much room in this business for everyone. Thank you for letting me share!



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