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Designer Show Houses & Fall Surprises

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Happy Fall! It's been a whirlwind as usual - and with some wonderful new surprises:

Here in the Washington, DC area, selected interior designers are gearing up for the area's biggest annual Design Show House fundraiser: the DC Design House to benefit Children's National Health System. Now in its tenth year, this show house is always a must-see. New to the program in 2017 is a series of events, including panel discussions, and ... I was asked to be one of the panelists for their October 25th event! I am beyond honored. Click here for details. (Admission is included with each ticket purchase).

Around the same time, I was also invited to join a group of fellow DC/MD/VA designers and Instagram lovers who were gathering at the beautiful home of Missy Walsh, aka Missy at Perch. Beautiful doesn't begin to describe her home! It is a show house all on its own. Below are a few photos of Missy's gorgeous property. You can also view more via here and via her Instagram feed - and read about it on her blog.

Have you been to the DC Design House yet? It opened five days ago and will close at month's end. Check it out! I'll share pics of a few of my favorite spaces soon. In the meantime, you can take a virtual "tour" here through these wonderful posts by freelance writer Jennifer Sergent, author of DC by Design, and fellow designer & blogger Sarah Sarna. Enjoy! & Happy Fall,



Welcome, Instagram lovers! The view from Missy's front steps, looking down her private drive:

The stunning kitchen with its beautiful trim, roman shade, and millwork galore:

My favorite spot in the entire house? The pool house (that still counts, right?). Amazing!

The view of the pool house from across the way:

One of several sitting rooms throughout the home, each one inviting and warm:

A close up of Ranunculuses on the coffee table ... I couldn't stop noticing all of those bright colors and patterns in the petals!

The sunroom ... love these botanicals!

A sweet side table in the sunroom space:

Another view from the sunroom, overlooking the garden:

This house is no stranger to beautiful details. Check out this custom painted wallpaper by Billet Collins and inspired by pagodas:

Finally, no detail is forgotten in this home: sweet sentiments on Missy's front hall foyer table ...

... and a Mum for every guest. Thank you, Missy! Such a wonderful treat and special day.

(Photo below courtesy of Missy @loveyourperch)


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