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Decorating with Art: Gallery Walls

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Van Gogh once said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”. I couldn’t agree more! That’s why I wanted to put a spotlight today on gallery walls. Below are a few of my favorites and decorating tips. Love the spaces these fellow designers have created!!

Above: a gallery wall by Rebeka Higgs at DIY Mom ... love the contrast of this colorful runner against the high gloss black stairs and with the mix of black and gold frames.

Decorating Tip #1: don't be afraid to hang art from floor to ceiling! It's a great way to maximize, and have a big impact in, a small space.

Below: another fabulous gallery wall above a sweet, bright orange console by Amy Elbaum of ae designs:

Decorating Tip #2: Leave some space to decorate! Note the space between the top of the console and where the art begins ... just enough for interior styling and accessories to shine, without getting in the way of the art! Always important, when installing art above a console or other piece of furniture.

This space below, by Emma at 116 in York, England has us dreaming of renovating a home with a beautiful wood banister and tiled entryway! Such a great mix of fun prints, art on canvas, and white frames:

Decorating Tip #3: Mix and match! Frames in a gallery wall don't have to match. My favorite gallery walls are those with a mix of frame styles and sizes. Mixing in art canvases with framed pictures is another great way to add interest.

Here is another space that excels at both maximizing a wall from top to bottom, and mixing an assortment of frames:

(Source: mptvdecor; Design by Suzanne Donaldson and photographed by Kyle Knodell).

Decorating Tip #4: Don't hang the art in a straight line. DO install at varying heights! It's okay to not line things up perfectly. Note that in all of these, while one or two pieces may be at the same or similar height, there's more variety than consistency.

Last but not least, here is a gallery wall space curated and designed by yours truly. We worked with the Arlington homeowners to curate art they already had in their home - and frame new pieces, too. New frames were from Framebridge and Target.

Photo courtesy of Jenn Verrier Photography

Decorating Tip #5: Allow a little space between artworks - but not too much! We usually go with 2-4" between each piece. This allows for each work to stand on its own -- and for the entire grouping to work together as a collection.

Have art in your own home that you want help figuring out how best to frame and display? We’d love to help! We can schedule a one-hour consult to go thru and select the right mix of pieces, and provide guidance on frame selection and arrangement. And if you decide you’d like more help in actually getting it all done, we can do that, too! It’s our way of helping you to love your home even more. Email us at to schedule your appointment.

We look toward to helping you refresh your home!




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