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A Custom Crab Wallpaper Story

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Is it hot enough out there for you? Ohmygoodness, the heat index is over 100 degrees here today! The perfect time to come indoors and share a cool custom wallpaper story with you.

A beautiful laundry room designed by Kate Abt, featuring our custom crab wallpaper. Photographed by Jenn Verrier.

The background: over a year ago, we had the pleasure of meeting the uber talented interior designer Kate Abt. Originally from England, Kate now resides in southern Maryland and works on many a waterfront home in that area (see more pics here of her gorgeous work and follow her on Instagram for daily design inspiration!).

Last year, Kate contacted me about creating a custom wallpaper design for a client - a client who LOVES the Chesapeake Bay, and, you guessed it - crabs. We started talking, I started painting ... and am thrilled to share final pics from Kate by photographer Jenn Verrier of the finished space!! See below for more info on the design process and finished product. Enjoy!



P.s. Have an idea for a one of a kind wallpaper for your own home or client project? Let's chat! I absolutely love creating these custom designs. It's such a wonderful way to collaborate with homeowners and interior designers to make a space truly unique.

The Design Process:

First we had to start sketching and painting Chesapeake Bay crabs! Crab rough sketch #1:

Crab #2: with longer arms and pincers ... getting closer!

Crab #3! This one's a winner!

The next step in the design process? The client wanted to see the crab with ... plants! Let the plant painting begin!!

Once we had the plants painted, we then began arranging them around the crab and thinking about how each "cluster" would repeat on a wallpaper roll, as well as ways to color match to the interior space and custom cabinetry.

One more step in the design process: debating whether or not to color match the ground color to the cabinetry (left), or go more neutral (little to no ground color on the right):

In the end, the interior designer and client selected a more neutral ground color, allowing the cabinetry and crabs' light sage greens and blues take center stage. We love how it turned out, don't you?! SUCH a pleasure working with the talented interior designer Kate Abt on this project!


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