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50 Days, 50 Mini Paintings

When the world turned upside down in March because of COVID, I started to get nervous. There was - and still is! - so much uncertainty about the future, and everyone's health around me. So I began to paint.

Painting helps keep me balanced. Painting restores me, calms and fuels me. This time, as I began to put paint to surface, instead of thinking large scale and how a design could be translated to an entire wall via wallpaper, or across yards and yards of fabric via drapery panels in a room, I focused on color and pattern studies at a smaller scale. The result? More than 50 mini paintings, within 50 days.

When I started promoting them on Instagram, I was blown away by the response. Within two weeks, more than half had sold! Most importantly, I also wanted the work to provide a way to give back - so I donated more than 10% of all mini painting sales to my community's local food assistance center, AFAC.

Above: more minis ... all are sold!

Thanks to each of you who followed along on Instagram as I rolled these out; and to everyone who purchased a mini (or two, or 8!). I am grateful for your support of my small local artisan business, and for a way to turn some nervous energy into something good. Be well, everyone,



P.s. and a special thank you to my son, John, who held each and every mini painting so I could photograph it. It takes a village.

Above: Mini #12 (Sold!).


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