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Color me Seaside

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Last week, I had a true treat: a bi-annual getaway with girlfriends to two of my favorite places on Earth: Seaside and Watercolor, Florida, on the Gulf Coast.

If you haven't ever been, I highly recommend it. In a word: Heaven! Seaside and Watercolor are two communities on the Gulf Coast, side by side. One blends into the other. Truly heaven on Earth! My happy place.  Here are a few pics:

A pic on the way to the beach in Seaside:

The view on the other side: 

My favorite of the two communities, truth be told, is Watercolor with its perfectly designed walking paths, architectural lines, meandering natural lakes and perfectly curated gardens. Here are a few pics:

Above: Pics from the beautiful Watercolor Gardens.

A sample of the amazing architecture throughout the planned community (this is the community boathouse).

A pic of the typical pathways and pedestrian bridges along the way.

The view alongside the Watercolor pedestrian bridge. 

(This pic makes me want to paint lily pads and channel Monet for future textile designs!).

Even walking around the more "urban" Seaside proper inspires: check out this random mural on a side wall behind a commercial building that I came across ... makes me want to paint in watercolor circles!

And I haven't even told you about the houses. Oh. my. goodness. (Pssst ... if you are looking for a rental, I highly recommend Sanders. I've rented from them twice now, and they could not be more friendly and accommodating. Not to mention, the houses they rent are amazing!! Ours had me at chandelier):

The houses of Watercolor are like eye candy for those that love interiors and design. Painted in muted taupe and pastel tones and beautifully designed, it's hard not to marvel at each and every one.

Picture from here.

Picture from here.

While I was in town, I couldn't resist visiting a few boutiques that I knew had a penchant for great taste (The Art of Simple) and creating stunning interiors (@Summer House Lifestyle). For example,  how about this amazing vignette created by Summer House Lifestyle, with its colorful wallpaper from Schumacher?

What a wonderful way to add color and pattern to a room -- and on just one wall. Talk about a bold statement - without going overboard.

One of my favorite finds @SummerHouseLifestyle was the ceramicist Susan Steele Meyer. Her work is absolutely stunning ... definitely something to bookmark for my house when the kids are older and we don't have a 6 month old puppy running cartwheels in the living room!

Speaking of the puppy, she is getting bigger every day. I took her to the vet last week and they confirmed she is now over 50 lbs(!). She celebrated her 6 month birthday last week. My daughter Mira created this half bday card for her on Snapchat (@MiraJeanDesigns):

Finally, at The Art of Simple, I couldn't resist taking a pic of this book. It poses a great question:

As I keep growing @MiraJeanDesigns and our textile lines, I often wonder and love to envision where it will be in 5 years. I might have to print this one out and put it on my desk as a daily inspiration and reminder.

xo, Kate


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