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Spring Surprises: We're at Tiffani Thiessen's!!!

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

This spring has been so much fun; filled with sweet surprises in more ways than one.

Spring is my favorite season. We get to kiss winter goodbye, and every week welcome in new pops of color and fresh blooms.

Wisteria, blooming a few doors down from my home

If you know me, you know nature often inspires my work. One of my favorite things to do every day is walk my Berner pup around the neighborhood and on nearby park trails. Below are a few pictures from recent meanderings. (I have so many new designs in my head ... I just need to find time to paint them all!).

These white azaleas are in full bloom in my backyard.

Love these bold and lime green Hosta leaves ... it's like nature just got out a big paintbrush and started painting! 

Spring green! Close up of a spring fern on my front porch, right after a rain.

Me and my hubby, taking in spring at a nearby garden

The other sweet surprise that happened this spring is a post by Tiffani Thiessen (yes, Tiffani from 90210 and Saved by the Bell!!!). I reached out to Tiffani awhile back to introduce my work and custom kids' line. Lo and behold, they were doing a photo shoot and her assistant asked me to ship out a few things. I quickly did. This weekend, Tiffani shared this sweet photo on her Instagram page of her little boy, Holt, who apparently fell in love with our Gingko Love organic throw. Isn't he adorable?!

I am honored to have one of our artisan throws in Tiffani's home. She's a fellow creative and mom I admire -- and I love how her friend Christiane Lemieux @Dwell Studio decorated her little boy Holt's room. (You can read about it and see photos here on Tiffani's blog).

So many sweet spring surprises! I confess, I even love the dandelions:

Reminds me of our Allium Love design:

Make a wish! It just might come true. Happy Spring,

xo, Kate


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